English meaning: to possess; to be capable
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “to eigen haben, vermögen”
    Material: O.Ind. ī́śē, ī́ṣṭē (ī originally present perfect reduplication) “has owned, possessed, governed “, īś vará - “ wealthy, ably; m. master, lord “; Av. iše “is master, mister about”, išvan- “vermögend”, īšti- “ blessing, fortune, grace, wealth “ (Gmc. aihti-), üēšü- “fortune, property”. hereupon Goth. *aigan (aih, aigum, secondary preterit aihta) “ have, own, possess “, O.N. eiga (ü, eigom, ütta), O.E. ügan, O.Fris. üga, asächs. ēgan, O.H.G. еigan ds.; participle *aigana-, aigina- in the meaning “ own, personal, private “ and substantiv. n. “property” : O.N. eiginn “ particular, characteristic, singular “, O.E. ügen (Eng.own), O.Fris. ēgin, ēin, asächs. ēgan, O.H.G. eigan etc. ds., Goth. aigin n. “property”, O.N. eigin, O.E. ǣgen etc. ds. hereof has derived *aiganōn: O.N. eigna, -aða “ assign, allot “; O.E. ügnian “make have, possess, own”, further O.H.G. eiginēn “ make have, possess, own, appropriate, allot “ etc. ti-Abstr. Gmc. *aihti : Goth. aihts “property”, O.N. ǣtt, att in the abstract meaning “gender, sex, quality of being male or female “; also “ firmament, heavens, skies “; O.E. ǣht, O.H.G. ēht “ possession, rightful possession, property”. compare further O.N. eign f. “ property of reason and ground “ (*aig-ni-); Proto-Gmc. *aihtēr “ holder, owner, occupier, possessor “ is to acquire to be acquired by lapp. üitâ r ds. (: O.Ind. īṣ itar- ds.); after Pedersen Groupement 30 f. here Toch. В aik-, aiś- “ know, have knowledge of “.
    References: WP. I 105, Feist 20.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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